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"No! No, let me out of here! Let me go!"

She had put up a struggle the whole way against the two soldiers on either side. Both of which were thinking they didn't get paid enough to deal with the General's daughter. Betty knew they were closing in on Bruce and had snuck into the facility to find out what they knew and prevent them from finding him.

Unfortunately, she was found first.

When beating on the door and yelling at the guards didn't help, Betty paced frantically through the small room they had locked her in. It wasn't much, a left over empty lab. Barred windows, not to mention they were on the second floor.

But there was a phone nearby. Betty quickly picked up the receiver and found a dial tone. It was time to call in a favor.
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Betty watched out the window, the small town of Culver coming closer as the stage coach approached. It wouldn't be too much longer. She had a teaching assignment out here at the small gold rush town that sprang up in the middle of the western desert.

The stage pulled in, the townsfolk giving it curious glances as if they hoped new news or something good might be coming in on it. Betty took the hand offered to help her down out of the stage and asked for her valise. Her dress was obviously of Eastern cut, she must look terribly green out here in the west. But Betty was not one to back down from a challenge.

She wasn't entirely sure which way was the schoolhouse.
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"Alright everyone in your seats," Betty said as her no-nonsense heels clicked across the front of the room to put a stack of papers on her desk. The college students reluctantly broke up their respective clicks and texting groups.

She puts her glasses on, milling through the bleacher type seats and desks to hand back graded papers. "If you did the extra credit assignment, now is a good time to hand it in. If you didn't, please refrain from doing so." There's a laugh that ripples through the students.
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Betty Ross walked a determined pace along the sidewalk, holding her notes and purse snugly under her arm. The weather looked about to turn inclement so she wanted to get home as soon as possible. There was an uneasy feeling carried on the wind, a typical California phenomenon called a Santa Ana. Betty was a little more uneasy as she walked, distracted by her thoughts of work.

She was so distracted in fact, that when she saw an opportunity to hail a cab, she ran right into a man exiting one of the many clubs on the strip. Her papers all went to the sidewalk. "Oh no!" Betty scrambled on her knees to try and collect them before the wind could take them too far to catch.
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[having a lunch break after classes]
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Betty isn't sure what happened. She can't remember what happened prior to this.

Everything feels wrong. Like her body is in the wrong position. But when she goes to stand up, she's still too short. There's too many smells in her nose, Betty giving her head a shake. When she does that, she can feel her soft ears moving on her head.

It's not till she does a complete circle that she realizes the situation.

She's a dog.

How could this happen?? she wants to say out loud. Instead, it comes out as a whine and a yip, something that surprises her. It's wet and damp where she is, Betty trying to walk on all fours to the end of the alley. It's pouring rain out there, her coat is already matted and soaked. She sits under an awning, trying to wait till it stops. Racking her poor dog brain to figure out a way out of this.
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[from here, an AU where Betty has died but Bruce can't let her go]

Bruce was only ever allowed to work... )
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[from here]

Blonsky sulked in the dark room, arms and legs shackled and stuck in a cold steel chair. It wasn't the chair that bothered him, it was being suckered into the convoluted plot that he really had no choice in. They needed someone with his specific experiences, particularly in certain theaters of war which he'd been in, and few others had survived. Must be quite a special target to even consider dragging him into it.

They'd called in a specialist, they said. Sit still, wait for them, and cooperate, they said. Not like he could go anywhere, the restraints were enough to hold him in place, and if he tried anything, they'd probably send him into a coma again. They needed him coherent enough to dream for this 'mission', to remember every detail and let some kids run around in his custom little dream world until they got what information they needed out of the mark.

But first, they had to hone their instruments, none of this sedating him until he's utterly oblivious. They needed a chemist, and as they said, they'd called in only the best for this job...
cont. )
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It had been nice working with Bruce again. The lab setting, the smell of chemicals, the white was like old times. Betty looks over at Bruce with a smile, dropping a few drops of liquid into vials in front of her before testing the radiation quotient of each.

Everything seemed to be going well.

As Betty slid the last batch into the radiation sensor machine for Jarvis to analyze, there was a warning from the computer AI. "Warning, systems experiencing sudden electrical overl--"

The rest of the warning is cut off by an explosion as the electrical overload reaches the machine in front of Betty. She's thrown back into Bruce by the explosion and electrical output, the two of them thrown against the wall before landing on the debris pile. The entire lab is trashed...and the two scientists are not moving.
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It was only the second night she was staying over. The day had gone rather well, she had met Tony finally and the three of them had gone for dinner at a place where the prices made her head spin. Bruce even seemed to enjoy himself, though it was hard to tell, Betty knew he did.

They had worked on a bit of research before turning in for the night. Bruce kept insisting she take the bed till she couldn't say no anymore. She felt bad for having him sleep on the couch but he seemed like he would take it badly if she didn't accept the bed.

Soon, she was fast asleep, her arms around the pillow under her head.
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[follows this]

It was a long trip, almost six hours before she was in New York. Betty hadn't driven much in big city like this so she was grateful for the turn by turn directions of her GPS. Stark tower loomed in the center of town, the glowing sign lighting up the dark. It was still a wreck here, she had to avoid multiple construction sites, passing huge holes in the road and businesses smashed to pieces.

She parked in a lot a short distance away from the tower, who's sign was reduced to just a single A glowing overhead. Betty got out of the car and started walking, thumbing her phone as she posted on twitter, to make sure Bruce knew she was there.

@drbanner I'm here, walking towards the tower.
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