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"Alright everyone in your seats," Betty said as her no-nonsense heels clicked across the front of the room to put a stack of papers on her desk. The college students reluctantly broke up their respective clicks and texting groups.

She puts her glasses on, milling through the bleacher type seats and desks to hand back graded papers. "If you did the extra credit assignment, now is a good time to hand it in. If you didn't, please refrain from doing so." There's a laugh that ripples through the students.

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Will didn't really say when he was coming to sit on Dr. Ross's lecture. He didn't want her to feel she had to do more just because he was there. So he quietly slipped in with the rest of the students and sat in the back. His lips moved into a smile at the laughter of the class.

People never laughed during one of his lectures.

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Will's smile was growing a bit more. She had the command in the room, the atmosphere so different from his own lecture hall. All of his students paid attention, of course, but the effect was more like when people saw a train wreck: they were horrified, but they couldn't look away. With Dr. Ross, the interest was much more academic. And Will thought, it was probably a little more difficult to hold attention when you were talking about DNA than when you were describing how a person was flayed to death.

He shook his head to clear those thoughts away and focused on Dr. Ross's words. Trying to be a good pretend student, even if he didn't bring any notes along.

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As he listened, Will wondered what brought her to this place. Why become a professor specializing in biochemistry? Was it a dream of hers since childhood or did circumstances in her life push her into the vocation? Will certainly never thought he would be where he was now. Yet it was his design, and perhaps this was Dr. Ross's.

He was the only one not taking notes. His memory wasn't as good as Dr. Lecter's, but he was interested in what was being said. He'd probably remember some of it when she was finished.

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He noticed her smiling at him and acknowledged her with a returning smile and a nod. He liked what he was hearing so far, and was glad she didn't draw attention to the stranger in the classroom. That question did catch him off-guard. Superpowers? Really? Didn't those sort of things only exist in comic books?

The other students laughed, so maybe that one in particular was just disrupting the class. Because the thought of having super-human abilities was ridiculous. Will dutifully raised his hand along with the other students. He remembered this from biology class back in high school, along with the ability to roll your tongue.

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Yes, this all sounded just like his class in high school; he didn't need notes on this lecture. Will just nodded along with the rest of the students. Even if it was old information, it was a good lecture. His shoulders were starting to relax, his posture more at ease in his chair.

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Will waited patiently for all the other students to file out. More than one noticed him as the passed and appeared puzzled, but they walked on. They were probably eager to get out into the sun. When it was empty enough Will rose to his feet and approached Dr. Ross.

"So... superpowers," he said without any segway. "Does that come up often in your classroom?"

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Sad smiles... Oh, he knew all about them. They were on his face about ninety percent of the time. And on Abigail's just as often, if not even more. His heart ached a little just thinking of the girl. He wondered if he should bring her along next time, to let her sit among other people her age and get a touch of normalcy.

"Dry? No, I thought... it was nice. I remembered the topic from high school. You're a good teacher."

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Will politely waited for her to gather her things, assuming they would walk together out of the classroom.

"I had to ask directions," he answered. "More than one student thought I was a visiting professor... I guess the tweed confused them." He was attempting to make a joke at his own expense. He did give off serious professor vibes with the clothes and the glasses.

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"The FBI academy," he responded, falling into step beside her. "I was given the position due to my work in the field and in the crime labs. I don't mind it, but it is nice to be out doing other things."

Not talking about death for a change was very nice indeed.

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"Interesting." Not the word he would use. An outsider would find it incredibly morbid, and be shocked at the jokes exchanged over the autopsy table. But making light of the macabre was the only way any of them knew how to function. It created a dissonance between themselves and what they were doing. And really, that was the crux of Will's problem: that there was no dissonance, that he felt too strongly about the cases.

"Dr. Lecter wouldn't let me forget my meals," he commented, to change the subject. "He would make sure I ate, even if it meant inviting me over to his house every night." Sometimes he thought maybe the doctor took too much interest in him, but he knew Lecter's intentions were good.

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When was the last time he joined a group for pizza? Probably during his own college days. "I would like that," he nodded. "Thank you for including me."

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"That's all right," Will assured her. "I think 'sheltered' will be a refreshing change. I spend too much time with 'jaded' lately."

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He just smiled and followed after her quietly. He was going to be out of place among these people; he could guess that much already. But he didn't mind it so much here. These people, at least, wouldn't see in him the man who connected with killers. Being social is a bit hard for him but he is glad for their kindness, and he gladly sits down.

Will didn't know that much about World of Warcraft but he tried to contribute as best he could. He probably sounded old, harkening back to the days when one used dice to play such games.

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"I'm afraid they'll have a fight on their hands," Will remarked in as light a tone as he could manage. "Jack wouldn't like it." But he still seemed pleased with the idea that people liked him and wanted him around.

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Will was never sure where he fit in. In Dr. Lecter's high class world, Will was the awkward country boy. At work he was the profiler who empathized with killers. During lectures he was the professor. Always separate. In this scenario he was still an outsider, but there was a collective awkwardness about them that made him feel like they were all being outsiders together.

"It sounds like an interesting study," he commented, nibbling on his pizza slice thoughtfully. "How is your little friend doing so far?" He meant the mouse, of course.


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