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Blonsky sulked in the dark room, arms and legs shackled and stuck in a cold steel chair. It wasn't the chair that bothered him, it was being suckered into the convoluted plot that he really had no choice in. They needed someone with his specific experiences, particularly in certain theaters of war which he'd been in, and few others had survived. Must be quite a special target to even consider dragging him into it.

They'd called in a specialist, they said. Sit still, wait for them, and cooperate, they said. Not like he could go anywhere, the restraints were enough to hold him in place, and if he tried anything, they'd probably send him into a coma again. They needed him coherent enough to dream for this 'mission', to remember every detail and let some kids run around in his custom little dream world until they got what information they needed out of the mark.

But first, they had to hone their instruments, none of this sedating him until he's utterly oblivious. They needed a chemist, and as they said, they'd called in only the best for this job...


Betty was one of the best. However, she had only been told this architect was slightly unwilling to cooperate. Not that it was Emil Blonsky himself.

She had brought her case of supplies, different chemicals in it to test on the subject along with the embedded PASIV.

The door opened and Betty started to introduce herself, "Hello I'm--..." and her eyes widened with recognition. "...No. No, absolutely not."


Blonsky is slow to react, simply because he's at a point where he could care less who his chemist is going to be. When she starts talk he takes his time to register who it is and then when she starts to protest he just, snorts. Twice, and then just laughs. A cruel, unkind sound that lasts hardly a moment and then he's just smirking, giving the Point behind Betty an incredulous look. Clearly, Blonsky is now doubting the sanity of this individual.

"Please tell me this is a joke." He did not want Banner's girlfriend working on him. Before he gets an answer though, the door is closed behind the Point as they give a very serious glare back at Blonsky, and there's the sound of a deadbolt sliding into place. That smile on Blonsky's face just stays, though it's no longer amused, and more annoyed.


Betty starts giving the Point man a piece of her mind when he suddenly locks them in. "What is this?? I demand an explanation!"

The man looks seriously from one to the other before explaining. This was a very serious mission and he needed the best. They were the best so, in his own words, they were going to have to "find a way to make it work."

Betty glowers at Blonsky, hating that smug look on his face the more she looked at it. "I'd rather teach 100 preschool kids hopped up on red koolaid."

"Make. it. work." The Point man definitely has something on Betty, otherwise she wouldn't be working on this job. Maybe information on Bruce. He then leaves the two of them to it.


At least the grin is gone, fading to a slightly smug look tugging at his face. He's quite literally left at her mercy, all things considered, and that's exactly the sort of thing that really chafes at Blonsky even more than his restraints. All he has right now is his attitude, and he sits as lazily in his chair as he can with his feet clamped to the floor, and arm movements restricted to a scarce few inches.


Betty presses her lips together in frustration, her glance going to the door as if weighing her options. But finally, with a sigh, she puts her case on the table and unlocks it.

Working in silence might be a good thing, she's apt to tell him a thing or two if she tries to be civil at this point. Right now, she's concentrating on her work. "Do you...have any allergies to drugs?" she forces through her teeth.


"None that they've discovered, so far." He responds with a bored attitude, finally looking around the room. Oh, now he has a better idea of the place, they've provided her the equipment and supplies she'll need at least, even if the room is a bit rough around the edges. Concrete walls, concrete floor, but at least she has enough light to work in.

In the meantime he might as well work on dragging up all those memories they'd told him he'd need to build the place they wanted. It was something to do, as he finally looked back over at her, realizing that even though he wanted nothing to do with her, he needed to keep an eye on what she was doing.


It's obvious she doesn't want to be here. But he shouldn't worry too much about her poisoning him on purpose, she has to make sure she does her part in this setup. Or she doesn't get the information she wants from the Point man.

She's mixing a few things together expertly, drawing up three test solutions in three syringes. Still not looking back at him, not till she has to when she takes out the tourniquet to start on his arm. There's a slack in the chain she can click out so his arm can rest easily on the arm rest instead of being pulled behind his back.

Betty hesitates before tying on the tourniquet and probing his arm for a vein. Of which he has many. "Have you used somnicin before?"


"They've already tried putting me under for this." That much should be obvious, according to Blonsky. "Used to work, though." He doesn't resist, but he doesn't offer much in the way of help when she loosens the chain so she can work at his arm. He keeps his eyes on her, a way of letting her know he's as annoyed as she is, especially since she's poking at him now. He just wishes he had a way to unnerve her, maybe get them to find someone else. She's hardly a step down from Banner.


She knows he's looking at her and she's trying not to think about it. This is a job...just a job...and she was determined to get through it any way she could. Even if it meant working with Bruce's enemy.

Betty takes the first syringe and without even an explanation, she finds a vein and injects him slowly with a typical dose of sominicin. Only then does her eyes flicker up to watch him carefully for a reaction.


He watches that needle closely, and then she just injects him, no explanation, nothing. His lip curls faintly as he just keeps a defiant gaze on her, and then she watches him. Clearly she's waiting to see if there's a reaction and he just sits quietly for the time being, tilting his head slightly. The typical dose is burned off almost immediately with his hyperactive metabolism, it doesn't even touch him.

"Is that it?" He sneers again, using the only weapon he has here, and he knows he's not the clever sort unless it's outwitting someone on the battlefield.


She'd prepared for this to happen, though usually people would at least be sleepy by this point. "No, that is not it," she says, a little annoyed herself at his tone with her. She grabs the second syringe, a half and half mixture of her own plus the standard dose. Taking the end off with her teeth, she injects him again.

And more waiting. "...try to relax and let it work," she says as an afterthought.


He just, gives her a mildly incredulous look at that statement.

"I'm strapped to the floor, and you want me to relax." He works his jaw at that, trying very hard not to outright snarl at her. In his current position it'd just be useless noise, but at least his pupils react this time around, and he can notice his pulse slowing. By his nature he's going to fight it, and he actually has to work to let the medication do what it's designed to do. He's been fighting off sedatives often enough it's habit. He sighs through his nose, sitting up a bit straighter. "Better, I think."

It'll keep him woozy for a few more minutes before it starts to burn off, his pulse slowly speeding up again.


Betty's finally managing to compartmentalize her own emotions and focus on the task at hand. She monitors his reactions with a pulse oxymeter on his finger, watching his heart rate go down...then right back up again. He's blinking slower, less's a step in the right direction. Betty does a few calculations in her head, abandoning the third syringe in favor of mixing up a whole new batch. "Part of it is wanting it to work and trying not to think so hard." She doesn't care if he is strapped to the chair, that was just something he was going to have to deal with.

She loads up another syringe and switches arms to find a new vein. "Deep breaths in and out," Betty says before pushing down the piston at a measured rate. Technically, this dose, a normal human would be out for at least 12 hours if it was hooked up to the Pasiv.


He pulls gently on his restraints at that, nothing quick, just a tug, something to cause a faint creak in the tough metal. An audible reminder that he was not getting out, and there was no way he'd forget exactly where he is.

Then he settles back into his seat as she goes to the other arm, as if there were a need. Not like he'll wind up with track marks, but makes it a point to just do whatever the hell he wanted, even as she tries to get him to relax. Once she finishes administering the full dose he rolls his shoulders and then it very nearly hits him like a ton of bricks. He closes his eyes, letting out a sigh and his entire posture relaxes. He's out, but in a state where he's clearly exhibiting REM.

Blonsky literally drops in his dream, taking that last fall from a helicoper before it leaves him in a wasteland that he recognizes, realizing it's very much the wrong place for him to be setting up this little fantasy world. Everything's put on hold for the moment while he starts to rebuild, but then from the corners of his eyes he catches flickers of movement. Shadows. Shades.

A grand 5 minutes after reaching REM, Blonsky wakes up with a jolt, pupils dilated before he closes his eyes, shaking his head and then leaning back with a grunt as he clears his thoughts.

"How long?" Long enough for the Shades to give him hell, but not quite long enough for him to get it all back under control and work on really putting the world together.


Betty lets out a shaky sigh of her own when he finally goes out, able to stop hiding her fear of him while he's unconscious. She runs her hands down her face and covering her mouth....what was she doing? This was crazy, working with this man.

But it looked like it was working. She checks his pulse manually with two fingers to his neck, moving one of his hands to see if he stays asleep successfully. His eyes are moving behind his eyelids.

When he jolts awake quicker than she thought he would, she jumps back, her fingers were still on his neck. "....five minutes." That was a hefty dose to keep up. She would have to order more supplies. "How do you feel? Awake or still groggy?" Betty had to monitor for unforseen side effects.


He blinks, dazed, for a moment looking less monster and more like a man who's just woken up from a dream. Then he registers her question and he's right back to looking less than pleased.

"Mostly awake." He closes his eyes, cracking his neck a moment and then slouching again. "Fully awake." He was able to recall his progress, and didn't notice anything unusual, at least. Still, his spine crawled knowing she had an exact measurement now of how much it took to put him under.


Betty nods, letting out a breath. "Good....good, I can work with that..." She absently packs up her things as the Point man comes back in.

"Can you do it?"

"I can...he'll have to have a separate line, the dose is massive but it's doable."

"Then we have no problems."


He wants nothing whatsoever to do with this woman again, but he also wants to avoid blame being placed on him at a later date for something that isn't his fault, so he pipes up.

"Hey, it worked once. Even I know that's a shit excuse for an experiment. We go again, same dose same results, or this little operation isn't going to work." Either by his hand, or by the simple fact that he was building up an immunity. Blonsky wanted to know if they'd have to keep pumping up the dose every time he went under.


"We'll run this again, a dry run with the team," the point man was saying. They had to see if Blonsky was capable of creating the scenario they needed. And also that Betty could keep him under for the time allotted.

Betty hates agreeing with Blonsky but he's right. Like it or not, they were going to have to do this again. "I need more chemicals. I'll be ready by tomorrow."

"Till tomorrow then."


Blonsky just regards Betty with an unimpressed gaze when the Point man agrees to give her until tomorrow. He knew Bruce avoided her because of General Ross, but he'd think she'd come more prepared.

"Be ready for a couple runs through." Blonsky chimes in again, knowing she was probably already aware of that, but just wanted to needle her a bit. He toed his totem, hidden in his boot and just smiled.


She just looks back at him silently. There's something hidden in her eyes that she's doing this against her better judgement...and she's NOT going to get into a fight with him if she can help it.

With that, she leaves.

The next morning, she arrives at the prearranged place, armed with three cases of chemicals. There's a few reclined chairs in a circle. She starts setting up on a nearby table as the others trickle into the room.
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