May. 11th, 2012

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Six Word Stories
Meeting the Doctor
[working late in the lab tonight]
New Bruce, discussing purple pants
Coulson and coffee
Who let the bird loose in the lab?
[kidnapped, duct taped to a chair]
Emailing Bruce, new experiment planned
Trying to help a Charles Xavier
[lunch break, park bench, texting someone]
Kidnapped by Blonsky
[Balancing act. Groceries, folder, purse, keys...]
Meeting Bruce at a gala function
First meeting with Loki
There's an android in her kitchen
Promethus story with Bruce (mas_stretchy)
After the fire, Betty finds David in the library
Late night research, early morning goodbyes
Bruce (likeanerve) meets up with Betty again
Betty's car has broken down
[answering phone] Lab 3, Dr. Ross...
[searching her desk for her glasses]
Meeting Fandral
A night in the cabin with Bruce
Catching up with Ruffalo Bruce
Stop!! No!! [trying to avert disaster]
Tony Stark breaks in
A giant fight
A moment with Clark Kent in line
Therapy post-gamma incident
Liam with a cold
Hawkeye planning a guys night
Meeting a telepath in a coffee shop
Ruffalo Bruce and Betty meet finally
Are you sure I can't help?
Helping Agent Coulson with his card problem
[going over her lab notes again]
Sif and Mortal Kombat

Inception Meme: Bruce
Inception Meme: Blonsky
Inception Meme: Ruffalo Bruce
Inception Meme: Clint Barton
Star Wars Meme: Bruce
First Meeting Meme: blind date with Dr. Frankenstein
Bitty Meme: Emil
Bitty Meme: Betty
Rain Meme: Fitzwilliam Darcy
High School Meme: Bruce
Random Scenario Meme: Betty at the hospital
Random Scenario Meme: Bruce and the holographic room
Thor Meme: rescuing Bruce
Western Meme: Stagecoach robbery with Bucky Barnes
Twitter Meme: Bruce (brokeharlem) makes contact
Hurt/Comfort Meme: Betty loses her sight
Rescue Me Meme: Tony Stark offers her a job
Hurt/Comfort Meme: Tony Stark

Stark Tower
Coffee Shop Meeting


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